The primary task of the Prinect CP2000 Center is to control the press with ease by accessing all the functions from the control console. This includes starting up the press and activating/deactivating printing, dampening, inking and coating units, etc.

By way of example, the various different menu functions enable the operator to preset the printing speed, record OK sheets and paper waste, control sheet travel or regulate the dryer settings or the quantities of blast and suction air, depending on the configuration. The values selected on the Prinect CP2000 Center are then automatically set on the press. Everything is designed to ensure that the print process runs as smoothly as possible.

Job Management

While one job is being processed, the operator can be preparing the next one with the Prinect CP2000 Center. The internal job memory is capable of storing up to 250 standard or repeat jobs with all the relevant settings and these can be retrieved whenever needed. The stored data includes job data such as the number, name and run, material data such as paper format, color data such as the ink zone settings and ink fountain roller settings, and press data such as printing processes and dryer or air settings, depending on the configuration. Specific settings such as a tried-and-tested air setting can be borrowed from one job and used in the next. The availability of this data shortens makeready times considerably.

Color Fast Solution Functions

Color Fast Solution functions also shorten makeready times and improve process reliability significantly. They run automatically in the background. The "Color Booster" function improves the response time of the inking unit to color changes during printing. "Intelligent pre- and post-dampening" optimizes the pre- and post-dampening phases during interruptions to production, thereby reducing wastage. And a "green light" on the color display gives a constant indication of the progress made when changing settings. As a result, the operator knows exactly when to pull inspection sheets or enter new settings.

Washup Programs

Four standard washup programs with preset parameters and eight customizable washup programs can be used to achieve an optimum washup result with a minimum amount of materials and time. The customizable washup programs allow the operator to individually store wash cycles and quantities of washing fluid or to record and store these during the washup process. The name of the washup program can be chosen at will.

Linking Up Peripherals

A function for calling up and viewing peripherals, such as dampening solution preparation and inking unit temperature control, the dryer, powder spray device or automatic ink feed device, is also integrated in the Prinect CP2000 Center. What is more, if these peripherals can be networked using CANopen technology, they can be operated directly from the Prinect CP2000 Center. Depending on the configuration, even consumption values can be relayed from peripheral devices to the Prinect CP2000 Center using CANopen technology.

Maintenance Messages

The reminder function on the Prinect CP2000 Center advises that certain maintenance tasks are due to be carried out. This increases press availability significantly.

Incorporation in the Printshop Network

The Prinect CP2000 Center goes one better. It digitally integrates the press into the printshop environment and offers various interfaces for exchanging data and linking up additional devices. The Prinect CP2000 Center acts as the link between the press and the printshop network, making it the ideal tool for efficient and convenient production.

Remote Ink Control

Both the ink fountain roller and the individual ink zones can be adjusted and remotely controlled directly from the Prinect CP2000 Center. The ink zones can be adjusted using a light pen or adjustments can be keyed in. If the ink zone values are already available in digital form, they can be transferred to the Prinect CP2000 Center by job memory card or directly through the printshop network with Preset Link.

Remote Register Control

Lateral, circumferential and diagonal registers can be set precisely in 1/100 millimeter (0.0004 inch) steps on the Prinect CP2000 Center.

Central Collection of Press and Operating Data

As long as the ManagementGate software module is in use, the Prinect CP2000 Center takes charge of transferring the press and operating data.

Connection to Color Measurement Systems

Prinect Image Control and Prinect Axis Control color measurement systems can communicate directly with the Prinect CP2000 Center and transmit recommended adjustments for ink zones and ink fountain rollers. Prinect Image Control performs spectrophotometric measurement over the full print image and can be linked up to the Prinect CP2000 Center at any time. Prinect Axis Control is the entry-level version of this technology. It performs spectrophotometric measurements in color strips and is directly integrated in the Prinect CP2000 Center control console. If the QualityControl color measurement system is implemented, this too can be connected to the Prinect CP2000 Center.